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About Us

Get to Know Us

We believe in getting people connected with the right resources for a better tomorrow. Cherie Resource Team was formed in early 2016 with the purpose to help more people buy homes.

Prior to starting this company I was in the real estate industry serving for five years. I saw a great need to assist clients on how to purchase a home. It seemed as if many future home buyers did not know how to start and where to start. I also noticed that many were not prepared with their credit or down payment so I made it my duty to be able to provide the resources that a homebuyer would need to purchase.

We love getting clients connected with credit repair, down payment assistance and step-by-step guidance if that is what they need not only that we have a strong desire to see you in your next home.

We develop a reputation by educating our client on the home-buying process and serving our clients with integrity. Buying a home is not about us but it’s about your needs and our home programs have been successfully able to do this for our clients we are honored to serve you!

Serving Real Estate Community since 2010

We pay personal attention to each client so that we can deliver the best possible service. We have been serving in the real estate industry from many years now and boast of more than 95% client satisfaction rate!

Successful Sales Closings
Better Offers
Client Satisfaction

Meet Our Team

Cherie Hill

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Cherie Hill

I have been helping home buyers and sellers throughout the Houston area for six years, since 2011.

Jashondra Moore

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Jashondra Moore

I am a caring and helpful individual covering the north, northeast, and northwest; Joined the team in 2017.

Lisa Coleman

Lisa Coleman

She is the loan office in our team, helping clients with getting loan assistance.

Our Process

  • Consult us with your requirement

  • Fill out a questionnaire to help us understand your unique requirements

  • Let us help you complete each small step along the way smoothly, easily

  • Be able to successfully buy or sell your house

What We Do
  • Trends Tracking

    We keep up to date with latest trends in the market

  • Market Analysis

    We can help determine the right prices by doing timely market analysis

  • Match Right Property

    We find the right and best property as per your needs

  • Spread Word

    We can help get more leads and buyers by spreading word through our network and social media

Percentage of Properties We Sold